Project Justice currently supports 3 survivors in Mexico City with education and job skills training. Madai, Paty, and Marisol are law students studying to become justice lawyers. Not only do they continue to excel in their law programs but they also intern for survivor initiatives.


Madai poses in front of her law school in Mexico City. She also interns as a paralegal at our partner organization, Fundacion Camino A Casa, a shelter for survivors of human trafficking under the age of 18. She works on the legal cases of other survivors and mentors them like a big sister. Madai will graduate with her law degree in December 2016.


Paty is currently attending law school but also interns with a prevention organization called Sin Trata. Paty advocates to young children to college age young professionals. At times Paty can be found speaking in front of hundreds of people at one time that are entranced with her story and made aware of the dangers of trafficking. Paty’s dream is to become a justice lawyer and advocate on behalf of other survivors. View Paty’s story on CNN Freedom Project HERE.


Marisol is dedicated law student and will graduate in fall 2017. She is interning with the United Commission Against Human Trafficking in Mexico City. She helps to advocate for other survivors and advises Mexican delegates and politicians to advance stricter laws that prosecute traffickers and their illicit business models. Marisol is also a mentor to younger survivors at Fundacion Camino a Casa. Please help Marisol to continue her internship, while she studies her passion to become a Justice Lawyer.