(Translated from Spanish to English)


Today Pamela is studying nursing in order to give the affection and care that she never received.

“They informed me that he received a sentence of 16 years. However, I am not satisfied with this. He kidnapped me and he controlled my life. There are some that say that I could have escaped because I was ‘working’ in the street.”

Pamela is 28 years old. Five years ago she was freed from sexual exploitation that happened in Puebla, Veracruz, and Mexico City. She will finish her nursing studies at UNAM in one year. She is already practicing her profession in a hospital in Southern Mexico City. Her dream is to make a difference in the hospitals. “I want to treat people like I was never treated, the many times that I arrived at the hospital beaten.”

With a delicate body and profound eyes, Pamela combines her profession with volunteering at Fundacion Camino a Casa, where every weekend she is mentoring younger survivors.


I was 20 years old living with my family in Puebla and I was working in an Oxxo (Mexican convenient store). That was where I met this person. We started as friends and then became boyfriend and girlfriend. I worked nights and left work at 8 in the morning. One day I came home at 12 in the afternoon and my mother told me, “You’re not going to live in this house anymore.” That night she asked me for my keys.

I then talked with my boyfriend and he told me, “Don’t worry. You know that I love you very much and that I want to marry you, but first, I want to live with you.”

I was with him for 3 good months, but afterwards he started to tell me, “You can’t leave the house unless it is with me; you cannot look at anything, only the street”. Because of this, I returned to my mother.

“One day, I was in downtown Puebla and suddenly, I felt something digging into my ribs, it was a razor blade against my body; it was him. He told me, “Get into the Taxi!”. He took me to his house and a few days later I started to prostitute.



I only ate once a day if he didn’t collect 3,000 to 5,000 pesos. He would beat me with whatever he would find first. He whipped me with wet cables, kicked me, and because of this I would have to crawl on the floor.


He had 2 daughters that were 7 and 8 years old. One day he told me, “My daughters are so beautiful, don’t you think? Imagine when they are 15 years old. How much will I be able to profit from them?”

During this time, I was pregnant 2 times and he knew it. The point of his beatings was to kill the baby in one of my pregnancies. The second pregnancy was terminated through the pill. When they rescued me and took me to the hospital, the gynecologist told me, “Your uterus is damaged; you will not be able to have children.” Today children are not a part of my plans.


On May 5th, 2012, I didn’t collect the quota for the day, I felt sick, and it was raining. I went to my house. In the first few minutes that I arrived, he started to beat me, my eyebrow was cut and bleeding and I had an unrecognizable face. “Go fix your eye!”, he yelled.

He took me to the hospital and when we arrived, the doctor and nurse asked him what had happened. “She is stupid and she fell down the stairs and busted her face.” They didn’t ask any more questions, and they didn’t ask me anything.


Monday, May 7th, he called me, “Why don’t you answer me? You will see when you get home, if we need to return you to the hospital”. It was in this moment that I said, no more!

Hours later, a group of female sex workers where Pamela was working stopped her, “Wait! Where are you going? We have already seen that you will be beaten when you get home.” They mentioned.

“Yeah but if I don’t go, they will kill my family” I told them.

“Do you want help or not?”, they asked.

“Yes, I want you to help me.”

One of the women then called the Mexican police and they rescued me.