My Dream is to be a graphic designer. 

My name is Nancy Diaz. I was a victim of human trafficking for 5 years starting at the age of 16 in México. I am currently a part of the restoration program “Strong Steps” of the organization Commission United against Human Trafficking.

My dream is to use my gifts and passions of graphic design to help end human trafficking.  I actually designed the hummingbird logo used by Reintegra.

Currently I am taking courses on graphic design while working and I hope to study full at the university in the fall of 2018.   I am a mother and have a child of 4 years old named Mateo.   I have a scholarship for my graphic design course and my work helps me with my living expenses, Reintegra is helping me pay for Mateo to attend pre-school while I work and study.  Mateo is learning to swim, has a small dog and loves to play in the sand.   Thank you for partnership with me and my son in helping our dreams become a reality.