I am going to Mexico City this summer to join a non-profit called Reintegra. Reintegra helps survivors of human trafficking reintegrate into society. On this trip I will get to dive deeper into the issue of human trafficking, while advocating alongside survivors. I will be working with homeless youth in Mexico City, bringing hope and encouragement to the women that Reintegra supports, and meeting politicians, NGOs, and survivors that are helping to pass further legislation for counter human trafficking initiatives. A very special thing that I will get to do on this trip, is I will get to attend Pamela’s graduation from Nursing school. Reintegra has been supporting her to study in her Nursing career. This trip is designed to expose me to all sides of counter human trafficking efforts: rescue, restoration, advocacy, and prosecution. My hope is that this trip will better equip me to find my own gifts and talents that I can use for counter human trafficking efforts back in the U.S.A.

Will you please join me in making a donation towards my trip. All donations are tax deductible.


Reintegra is a survivor-centered counter human trafficking non-profit based in the USA that is currently focusing on initiatives in Mexico City, Mexico. Everything that we do is survivor-centered, from our logo (designed by a survivor) to the projects we support and fund (survivor inspired). Reintegra is a 501(c)(3). All gifts are tax deductible. If needed our EIN is: 47-5300657

P.O. Box 450
Lafayette, CO 80026
Check out an inspiring story from Paty, one of the survivors Reintegra supports. Paty is currently attending law school but also interns with a prevention organization called Sin Trata. Paty advocates to young children all the way up to college-aged young professionals. At times Paty can be found speaking in front of hundreds of people at one time that are entranced with her story and made aware of the dangers of trafficking. Paty’s dream is to become a justice lawyer and advocate on behalf of other survivors. View Paty’s story on CNN Freedom Project.