At Reintegra, everything we do is survivor-centered and we operate in project-based initiatives to help them fulfill their dreams..

In 2015, we started as a US based non-profit and started funding the educational and living expenses for two survivors who were in law school.  By the end of that year, we had added a third survivor who was also studying law. In 2016, we added three more survivors who were university students and in 2017 we added two more to bring a total of eight survivors that we help monthly.

We wire funds directly to survivor’s bank accounts, to insure that 100% is going directly to them and not through another party. Donations that  you give are used for these women’s living expenses as well as educational and vocational training.  Some of our survivors receive educational grants in Mexico that cover their school costs but all receive a small living expense of 6000 pesos or about $320 USD depending on the exchange rate.  (The two who are mothers receive additional support for living expenses.)  As several of our survivors have now graduated the university and are beginning careers, we have scaled back our funding based on their individual income and needs.  We deal with these on a case by case situation but continue to consider them part of Reintegra as we provide a family support for them beyond funding.

The rest of our expenses here in the US are administrative expenses to enable us to continue as a non-profit.  These include things like bank wire fees, event expenses, bookkeeping costs and communication.  We have no office or property in order to keep of overhead low.  Our address is a PO Box.  Our executive director has a separate funding source to cover his costs and none of his income comes out of gifts to Reintegra.

Please feel free to ask any questions as it relates to our funding and where your dollar goes.