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Reintegra is a Survivor-Centered Non-profit
We partner with survivors' dreams and goals to reintegrate back into society.

Reintegra is a survivor-centered counter human trafficking non-profit based in the USA that focuses on initiatives in Mexico City, Mexico. Everything that we do is survivor-centered, from our logo (designed by a survivor) to the projects we support and fund (survivor inspired). We work with government officials, businesses, faith-communities, and other NGOs around the world to provide quality care to survivors of human trafficking. We partner with the dreams of survivors in areas of personal growth, educational goals, business skills, and social integration.

  • Education
  • Vocation
  • Business Skills
  • Advocacy & Empowerment

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Survivors In Reintegra's Graduated Program & Partnering NGOs Supported Through Special Donations


Everything we do is survivor-centered.
Andy McCullough
Andy McCullough
Executive Director
Andy is married to Robin and they have three boys. Andy has over 20 years of global and local humanitarian experience and has worked with counter trafficking efforts in Mexico since 2009. Such efforts include fundraising for media campaigns to lobby for trafficking laws in Mexico and survivor entrepreneurship initiatives.
Rachel Garcia, M.S.
Rachel Garcia, M.S.
Rachel was invited to live in Mexico City with survivors in 2012 and was prompted to start a non-profit in the U.S. to generate more funds. She returned to the U.S., received her masters in ICT for Development, married her true love from Mexico City (Benjamin), and started Reintegra USA.
Brian Inderwies
Brian Inderwies
Brian Inderwies is a technologist and entrepreneur and founded Longs Peak Analytics. Prior to joining the Reintegra team, Brian served on the board of Cans For Hope, a nonprofit that helps restore lives broken by sexual violence. He is a Colorado enthusiast and lives in Denver with his wife Jasmine.
Alisa Wolf
Alisa Wolf
Alisa has been married to Eric for 25 years. They have 4 children, ages ranging from 16 to 22. Alisa and Eric worked in the non-profit world for over 20 years. Alisa is currently working towards her master’s in clinical counseling. She is thrilled to be the newest member of the board, helping make a difference in these beautiful women’s lives.
Rich Lotterhos
Rich Lotterhos

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